Spotlight: Taking To The Skies

Originally published in Top 10 of Malaysia

Coming from humble origins of rubber-tapping alongside her parents to majoring in Statistics and Computer Science at university, Dato’ Sri Rozita Ramelan, Founder of KABINET PRIVE exudes confidence and elegance. Looking every inch the embodiment of high society, Rozita speaks to Top 10 of Malaysia on her entrepreneurial endeavours and strategic advice for budding entrepreneurs.

Having a background in diverse fields ranging from human resource to real estate, Dato’ Sri Rozita Ramelan explains that her success stems from her tireless search for a career that would bring out the best in her. However, like the legendary Midas, everything Rozita touches turns out brilliant like her brand, KABINET PRIVE.

Being the first independent online and offline bespoke luxury retailer in Malaysia exclusively serving discerning clientele, kabinetprive.comoffers a carefully curated selection from some of the most coveted makers of luxury goods and services such as Hermés. When asked of KABINET PRIVE’s name origin, Rozita explains that it is inspired by the French social elites where the bourgeois discuss politics, economics and culture dressed in the chicest fashion. “It means a walk-in closet every distinguished person should own,” says Rozita. “KABINET PRIVE essentially seeks to offer all the refinement and luxury that one needs to live the good life. It’s like a lifestyle club,” she adds.  Despite boasting one of the largest known collections of rare Birkin and Kelly handbags, the brand also provides a private concierge service to procure that one-of-a-kind item for its customers.

Equipped with exclusive handbags and a Stienway Lyndorf sound system emitting music, luxury is indeed evident at KABINET PRIVE’s showroom. “It’s an RM 1.5million sound system,” says Rozita.   Due to positive reception from customers who thoroughly enjoy the services provided and events hosted by KABINET PRIVE, future plans include moving the showroom to a standalone premise.

Additionally, Rozita plans to sail into uncharted waters with Azimut Benetti, one of the world’s leading yacht builders. Having secured the exclusive dealership for Malaysia and Brunei, the year 2017 will see her venturing into this arena with 40ft-long luxury yachts and super yachts of over 100ft. Working with selected brands, the coming months will also see Rozita including exclusive Swiss watchmakers, Italian jewellers and a global private aviation service company to her expanding business. These will undoubtedly be the perfect vehicles for elevating one’s social status.

Her other brand, PWETTY aims to become the leading pre-loved fashion items destination in Southeast Asia. offers pre-loved items including apparel, shoes and accessories from high-end brands to street wear from across the globe at a much lower cost.

“Every now and then, there’s a need to ‘detox’ our wardrobe from the clutter,” says Rozita. Believing that pre-loved items should not be wasted but instead go through a ‘reincarnation’ process to be used again, items are sold off on the website where proceeds are channeled into charitable organizations. Certain items from individuals in the higher income bracket have never even been used before. A unique niche, selling luxury pre-loved items came to Rozita’s mind as she realised the opportunity to do something positive for the environment and those in need. “We have all these beautiful pieces; we have people in need and we just have to put two and two together,” she shares.

Aside from her seemingly workaholic nature, Rozita definitely knows how to have fun. The trick she employs is to derive pleasure from work itself. She surrounds herself with family, as her two sisters work with her and her husband provides a supervisory role towards achieving her dreams. “My husband and I always share the same direction,” she says. The power couple stays connected by sharing their schedules. “Both of us are always busy, hence time management is crucial,” she adds. However, she has some stipulations when it comes to work. “Work will never end,” says Rozita with a serious facial expression, hence she would insist that her family members switch their phones off when they come together at the dining table.

It is common to hear advice like ‘follow your heart’ but when asked of her game plan that brings such success, Rozita begs to differ. She shares that one needs to see twenty steps ahead and learn to take calculated risks. “Following the heart can lead to unnecessary setbacks so my strategy is to consult those with more experience,” she adds. A truly delightful personality, her one-of-a-kind success story is an inspiration to many. The future may be hard to tell but judging from Rozita’s determination and grit, more success is certain to come her way.

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