We use a general, numeric grade to describe the overall condition of items in our luxury collection.

Unless otherwise stated in the description, the given condition of an item is Grade 1.0.

Grade Condition Description
1.0 This item exhibits no signs of use or wear and could be considered as new. There are no flaws. Original packaging and protective plastic are likely intact.
2.0 This item exhibits no obvious flaws and could be considered nearly brand new. It may never have been used. There are only minor condition notes.
3.0 This item exhibits gentle signs of use. Any signs of use or wear are minor. This item is in excellent condition.
4.0 This item exhibits normal signs of wear from moderate use. This item either has light overall wear or small areas of heavy wear. The item is considered to be in very good condition.
5.0 This item exhibits normal wear and tear from regular or heavy use. The item is in good, usable condition.
6.0 This item is damaged and requires repair. It is considered in fair condition.