KABINET 4 Charity:  Feel good while shopping with us


For those who have had the pleasure of visiting us at our showroom at The Boutique, St Regis Hotel, you would have enjoying a lovely cup of coffee or tea within the tranquil environment that was designed to admit natural sunlight.   Add to that a carefully selected platter of homemade Malaysian cakes and desserts and your shopping experience is complete.  


As usual we wish to go the extra step.  Particularly for those who may feel a tad "guilty" for enjoying the pleasures KABINET has to offer, to assist in ensuring our customers have a guilt free experience while selecting the next lovely addition(s) to their KABINET, we actively look to give back to our community.  Our current commitment is such that 1.0% of KABINET’s sales proceeds will be channeled towards great causes.


While we are still tightening our policies on donations, we rely on our key guiding principles, which are:

1)    Charities/foundations that are close to the causes that the founder and employees KABINET feel strongly about

2)    Charities/foundations that customers of KABINET feel strongly about


Thus far, our donations have been made towards Charity Foundations that have causes that KABINET can relate to and also participate in.  Being a retail business, what better way for our customers to participate in than through an auction cum dinner event.


Geographically, as our customers are from all around the world, we are open to exploring charities that impact our customers in their local environment. 


These are some of the foundations and causes that we have supported:

Cancer Research Malaysia

  • Independent and non-profit cancer research organisation based in Malaysia. Funded by donations and research grants to conduct research in a niche cancers often found in our Asian population.
  • Improving the survival rates of Asian cancer patients, focusing on neglected areas of research.
  • Empowering Asians to have proper screening and treatment
  • Improving survival rates by being more accessible, focusing on providing extra cures to patients 
  • Making affordable and timely treatments by repurposing drugs, acknowledging the reality that developing new cures are costly and risky.
  • Collaborating with top scientists around the world, and working to nurture the next generation of Malaysian Cancer Researchers

Lejadi Foundation:

The principal objectives of Lejadi Foundation are :-

  •  to be financially able to readily provide support towards medically challenged individuals and victims of disasters, especially those in critical need of surgical procedures;
  • to provide education-related assistance for underprivileged but bright students in furtherance of a knowledge-based society for Malaysia
  • to provide assistance for abandoned and underprivileged children, women and abused mothers and to contribute to projects relating to environmental conservation;
  •  to contribute and support any other noble cause that benefits the needy & underprivileged members of society

PEKA Malaysia:


PEKA MALAYSIA is an NGO known as Pertubuhan Pelindung Khazanah Alam Malaysia, which was formed to stop the destruction of natural resources, to defend the rights of environment and be the voice of nature. We aim to create awareness about nature, sound health, preservation and the sustenance of the environment.


Malaysian Flood Victims:


Malaysia is used to heavy rainfall for a good 6 months of the year.  However, there are years such as 2014/2015 in which we are just not sufficiently prepared for unprecedented rainfall levels.  Hundreds of thousands of people in the coastal states of Malaysia were left homeless, not to mention some that perished.   KABINET was fortunate enough to not be directly impacted by the floods but many of us in the capital state of Kuala Lumpur have either friends or family located in the states impacted by the floods.   To do our small part in recovery efforts, we donated LPG gas cylinders to 1,000 homes for their cooking requirements.