The Holy Grail: The Brikin 30 Himalayan Sac Diamond

Hermés… Diamonds… Croc Skin … White Gold…. When all combine, we get the Birkin 30 Himalayan Sac Diamond which many would consider as the most expensive handbag ever offered for sale.  We wont share how KABINET has been fortunate enough to procure its very own, but as any aficionado will know, this is a rare opportunity to secure this precious bag.

Starting from the selection of only the finest Nilo crocodile skin, the grain is matched as closely as nature would possibly allow.  To find an extremely pale crocodile to provide the exact colouring required is by itself a rare occurrence.  The dyeing of the leather is a painstaking process as the intention is to capture the shades of the majestic Himalayan mountains.   With or without the diamonds, only a select few bags are produced by Hermés using this leather and colouring, making it exceedingly rare.  Our understanding is that only a maximum of 2 bags are made a year.
The color pairs perfectly with 18-karat white gold hardware, which is itself studded with white diamonds. A total of 245 carefully selected diamonds encrust the hardware totaling to an impressive weight of approximately 10carats.  This Birkin is certainly a work of art of the rarest, most spectacular, and most jaw-dropping kind and it is seldom if ever, available for sale.
To further convince yourself that this Birkin Himalayan Sac Diamond is certainly a must have for your KABINET, contact us to arrange for a private viewing or simply click here to purchase.  We are also aware that many cannot resist the allure of the lovely Himalayan leather and one is simply not enough, hence watch this space as we may have a further surprise for the avid collector out there.

Rest assured that when you buy from KABINET, our bags are in pristine store fresh condition complete with all accessories.