Petang Raya 2016 - The Event

Petang Raya 


Our promise to our customers was that Petang Raya 2016 would be an event not to be forgotten.  And indeed it was!  Held at the newly opened St Regis Hotel Kuala Lumpur at 3:30pm on 12 May 2016, Petang Raya showcased Bernard Chandran’s Raya 2016 collection, jewelry from Elegance Club and the most coveted bags in the world including rare Hermés Birkin’s and Kelly’s from our exclusive KABINET collection.

With both HRH Sultanah of Pahang and HRH Sultanah of Terengganu in attendance, the event was one fit for royalty.  The other guests consisted of the who’s who list of the Malaysian rich and famous.  Seats were extremely limited and many of our customers were honored to be invited and made the effort to travel from as far as Italy and Indonesia specifically for the event.  We could go on for ages on the guest list but perhaps it is best to not repeat the works of our media guests who painstakingly tried to capture beautiful photographs of all who attended. 

The arrival of HRH Sultanah of Pahang and HRH Sultanah of Terrenganu together with Dato’ Sri Rozita, founder of KABINET and Dato’ Tracy Ong , founder of Elegance Club


Crowd waiting to enter the Grand Ballroom

The Billionaire Wives Club

Datuk Siti Nurhaliza being greeted by Dato’ Sri Rosz 

It was delightful to watch our customers mingle with each other whilst waiting for the ballroom doors to open.  Many were proudly carrying their priced Hermés bags, with the Birkin being the most popular, all colours, textures and sizes could be seen on the arms of our beautiful customers.  To further occupy our guests, mannequins wearing creations from Bernard Chandran over the past 10 years were on display for all to admire.  


The owner of St Regis Hotel Kuala Lumpur, Tan Sri Chua Mai Yu and Puan Sri Chua came before the show started, to greet KABINET founder Dato’ Sri Rozita and to see if everything was perfectly in order

Upon entering the ballroom, many were surprised to be greeted by a fashion show setup that resembled that seen on the big screens.  Think Paris/New York/London Fashion Week, Project Runway and Sex and The City right here at the St Regis KL.  The runway was decked out with a special print created just for the event and most would recognize it to match the invitation cards they had received.  The chairs were arranged only 5 rows deep to ensure that everyone would have an unobstructed view of the runway.  All this in a 13m high ballroom (the highest in Malaysia), with glistening Austrian crystal chandeliers hanging from above.  

Once the show started, what looked like just a very grand display came to live featuring jewelry by Elegance Club, bags by KABINET and Bernard Chandran’s couture.  Imagine bigger than life Birkin’s floating on a massive 270 degree seamless state-of-the-art LED screen. 


 The beautiful ballroom

Larger than life Birkins!

The show started with an exquisite black and white Bernard Chandran couture gown featuring autumn leafs. From the front, only a keen eye would notice that the model had a handbag strap slung across her featuring the Kelly 25 black Shiny Niloticus with a lovely Elegance Club bag charm worth RM150,000.  All the straps were custom designed by Bernard Chandran whilst the bag charm were specially created for Elegance Club.  The collaboration between KABINET, Elegance Club and Bernard Chandran is founded on the belief that fashion evolves, is free spirited and need not follow a certain stereotype.   


Dato’ Sri Rosz owner and founder of KABINET personally selected these valuable Hermes bags which included extremely rare pieces such as the micro Constance and micro Picotin from her personal collection.  Nothing bigger than 25cm, fun, chic and dare to be different was the concept behind the accessories for the show.   At KABINET, we do not just understand our products, we are passionate and would also like to share our inspirations with our customers.  


 The strap is intentionally downplayed for this look.  

The Picotin the model is carrying is only one of three pieces made by Hermés. Featuring extremely intricate workmanship, rare does not even begin to describe it.  

For this look, the strap is a feature piece.  By slinging the bag this way, it highlights the Kelly 25 Orange Lizard, which matches the outfit perfectly and leaves the wearer’s hands free.


 Men, be one of the first to get the Constance before the trend catches on.  Featured here is the Constance 24 Vert Emeraude Shiny Niloticus with Gold Hardware.

 Despite what many Malaysian men may consider to be a daring print, the focus of this ensemble is the super rare Micro Constance in Bubblegum with Gold Hardware.  After all, it is has more room than your typical wallet and men are always looking for pockets when wearing traditional wear.  The Micro Constance is the perfect solution.

Following the show, guests were treated to a scrumptious tea that featured everything from traditional English delights such as scones to Malaysian favorites like the Laksa Johor.  Our team meanwhile were kept busy showing guests the rare pieces that were featured on the runway earlier.  

There was also a lovely corner where our bags were on display. And again there was yet another surprise for the Hermés fan.  Hermés fans would be familiar with the Birkin 30 Himalayan Diamond by now as it continues to make headlines with its handsome price-tag and scarcity, but we have managed to secure and share with all a better-kept secret of Hermés.  The Kelly 32 Himalayan Diamond was displayed and brought in specifically for the event.   Imagine, two of the rarest bags together in one display.  It was indeed a sight.  


 Currently deemed the most expensive handbag in the world, the Birkin 30 Himalayan Diamond and the equally stunning Kelly 32 Himalayan Diamond.

Kelly's in Emerald and Mimosa

Many lingered on well past tea as they couldn’t be drawn away from the lovely bags and Elegance Club jewellery  that was also displayed elegantly across the room. Not to worry though, the Petang Raya collection is now available for sale at our Salon Privé in Bangsar and online here (insert link).  Please call us to arrange for a private viewing. Raya is after all just a short month away. 


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