On the afternoon of 17 March 2016, KABINET SALON PRIVÉ was officially launched.  In line with its promise of delivering only the finest to its customers, luxury was the theme of the day. The event was graced by Her Royal Highness Sultanah Hajjah Kalsom binti Abdullah.


Located at Elegance Club, a standalone 10,000 sq feet building on Jalan Maarof, Bangsar, the venue was designed with such events in mind.  Its strategic location of being in the center of the affluent areas of Bangsar and Damansara Heights allows for its customers, many who live in the area to conveniently arrange for private viewings. 


With the Sultanah in presence, the event was intended to be a very private affair and HRH was joined by a select group of KABINET’s most important clients.   The best of what KABINET had to offer was on display with row upon row of Birkins and Kellys for them to feast their eyes on.  The doors to Elegance Club’s showroom were also opened with exquisite diamonds and jewelry sets on display.  Guests were also treated to carefully chosen canapés though most were more occupied by the products on display.   With the rare 30cm Diamond Himalayan Birkin encrusted with 245 diamonds on displaythis was a bag that guests knew they wont have a chance to set eyes on often.  It is no surprise that many would wonder how the beautiful and delightful owner Dato’ Sri Rosita Ramelan managed to amass such a large collection of rare bags. How she does it though remains a carefully guarded secret that sets KABINET apart from its competitors.


It was however soon time to move the focus of the afternoon away from the showrooms and on to the private hall.  While ordinarily a nice cosy area for customers to deliberate over their next purchase or to hold their own private function, it was completely transformed to a runway.  What a surprise it was for many to find out that they were soon to be treated to an exclusive fashion show by the renowned designer Datuk Bernard Chandran. 


For those who could not make it for the event, we took great effort in capturing these photos for your viewing pleasure.