Where to find the world's most coveted handbag

For the second year running, the Hermés Birkin 30 Himalayan Sac Blanc Diamonds has again set the record for the most expensive bag sold during the Christies Bag Auction. This should come as no surprise as it is after all the Holy Grail of many bag collectors. 

Many would be quick to say that the obvious question is “Why does the bag merit such a hefty price tag?”. We have discussed at length before the many reasons and we reiterate them below. However, with avid Hermés collectors, the question they are asking is “Where can I get the Himalayan Diamond?”. And the simple answer is – KABINET PRIVÉ.

Those in the know estimate only 1-2 pieces of the Himalayan versions are made each year and on an even less frequent basis, special pieces are adorned with diamonds. However, how could we pride ourselves as being the experts at securing the unobtainable without having the Himalayan Diamond. The bag that went under the hammer at Christies in May 2017 was a 2014 production and was sold for a heart stopping USD380,000 while the one sold for USD300,000 in May 2016 was produced in 2008. Aside from that, there are slight variations on the specifications of the diamonds found on the bag.

Crafted from the skin of an extremely rare pale crocodile, the leather is specially treated and a master craftsman spends over 20 hours working on the bag.  The lining is made of goat skin or in the Hermés world it is more popularly known as chévre. The Himalayan coloring so named after the snowcapped mountains pairs perfectly with 18-karat white gold hardware, which is itself studded with white diamonds.  The cadena lock alone is comprised of 68.4 grams of 18-karat white gold and encrusted with 40 white round brilliant diamonds, totaling 1.64 carats. On the bag, three different structural elements of the Birkin – the Touret, the Pontets, and the Plaques de Sanglons feature more than 200 diamonds for a total of 8.2 carats.  The date stamp T on the bag with KABINET PRIVÉ indicates that it was crafted in the year 2015. For added assurance, we also have receipts dated 2016 to proof that it is the real deal.  Details of the bag can be found here.

And the final questions is “Should I buy it?” A resounding YES!  To convince one that it is not an impulse buy, the bag has a proven track record for being a sound investment. More importantly, the new owner of the bag will join the elite few who can say that they own the “Hima Diamond” oh so casually. As for those who already have the privilege of owning the Hima Diamond, we promise that we will be able to surprise you with what we have managed to curate just recently. Here’s a hint, it’s got the “Cs” that matter. What is your guess?