Hermes HSS Galore

HSS, SO, Horse Shoe Stamp and Special Order are all terms that a true Hermés collector live for. With the ever-increasing popularity of Birkins and Kellys, the HSS and SO now carry an even more important significanse amongst Hermés collectors.

What do these terms mean? It is the rare privilege given to only the most important and valued Hermés customers. Many have tried to figure out the system but so far there have been no fixed formula on the number of bags one must purchase or number of visits to the boutique one should make before the magical letters HSS are uttered. HSS refers to the stamp in the shape of a horse shoe that is stamped next to the usual Hermés markings. Ever so subtle but so relevant to the equestrian origins of the brand.

The Hermés Special Order brings an entirely different meaning to custom order. From the obvious color of the body and type of leather to the more obscure thread color, the customer is given the opportunity to be the artist of their very own bag. With such chances being so far between, it is common to find really elaborate customer orders. In line with the highly secretive nature of the production supply of Hermés bags, customers are not given a time frame on when their HSS bags will be ready. As such, we at KABINET PRIVE have first handedly received Special Orders within 6 months and at other times it has taken more than 2 years to lay hands on the oh so precious bag. 

How much does it cost? Usually when choosing from literally the hundreds of thousands of combinations open to you, cost is perhaps the last thing on one’s mind. There is no doubt that the pricing is in line with the exclusiveness of the bag and there are customers that upon receiving the call to collect the bag find that it is no longer within their means. It is at this point that we have also been able to acquire a few extremely rare pieces. KABINET PRIVE’s collection of HSS bags is sure to excite even the most discerning of collectors. Take a look at our collection and we won’t be surprised if you find your dream bag calling out to you. What will your dream HSS bag be if given the chance to design one?