HRH Sultanah Kalsom's Birthday Celebration

Spontaneity. That was pretty much how the birthday celebration of HRH Sultanah Kalsom jointly hosted by KABINET, Bernard Chandran and Elegance Club came about.

With just 3 days, yes, THREE days to prepare for a birthday party fit for a queen, one can imagine the mayhem.  However, the way things came together was surely an indication of how the event was meant to be. 

The guest list was clearly the first order of the day.  The advantage of such a spontaneous event was that guests had a very clear idea on their availability.  Attendance confirmed, it was time to plan a lunch for 20.

One of the guests volunteered her brother in law chef to cater for the event and before we knew it, he was on site to recce the kitchen.  With food out of the way, it was entertainment and décor that had to be sorted out.  Luckily for us, we had three hosts who clearly demonstrated that organizing such an event was pretty much second nature.  With Dato’ Sri Bernard Chandran in charge of décor, we turned an empty event hall in to a lovely dining room.   Datuk Tracey opened the doors to her storage that had a variety of dining furniture to choose from and a kitchen with ample cutlery and utensils.  Dato’Sri Rozita added the finishing touches required to tie everything together and to give it that exquisite feel, from flowers and handbags on the mannequins to seating arrangements, it is the details that make all the difference.

The beautifully decorated table and mannequins wearing Bernard Chandran and accessorized with bags from KABINET and jewelry from Elegance Club

The first guest arrived around 1130am and by 1215pm there were no empty seats (phew, we all know the secret fear of last minute cancellations).  As it was a closed event, guests did not have to be wary of the prying eyes of the media and judging by the laughter heard in the room and how long it took to get through appetizers, everyone was clearly at ease with one another.

The guests of honor with the hosts:  Dato’ Sri Rozita Ramelan, Dato’ Sri Bernard Chandran, Toh Puan Ragat, HRH Sultanah Kalsom and Datuk Tracey Ong


The first of many performances throughout the afternoon

Catching up with one another before food is served

Observing the guests of honor together with their guests, it was proof that despite the titles that most of them carried before their names,they still knew how to have fun and to party. Clearly there will be no pictorial proof but it is safe to say that the dancers were not the only ones on the dance floor by the end of the afternoon.


And like any birthday party, there is always the customary cake and PRESENTS.  Suffice to say,everyone had a jolly good time and went back with smiles on their faces and requests for another party to be organized soon.    


A sneak peak inside the KABINET bags revealed extremely coveted goodies.  One can only guess what’s inside the boxes but here is a hint – Limited Edition!