About Us

KABINET Prive, the luxury multi-brand retailer founded in 2008, has quickly grown to become a globally recognised platform for all things luxury. We are the leading brand in concierge and lifestyle management, serving our ultra affluent and discerning clientele with customised bespoke luxury products.  

KABINET Prive offers a unique service of a carefully curated selection from some of the world’s most coveted makers of luxury goods and services, from the rarest blue diamonds to the most sought after Hermes handbags and timepieces that can rarely, if ever, be found in ordinary boutiques. KABINET is the first independent online/offline bespoke luxury retailer in Singapore and Malaysia. It represents a new approach to cater to a new class of discerning clients.  Our clients are extremely important individuals, biggest influencers in their respective countries, who influence trends, passionate and have deep understanding of exquisite rare luxury goods. They are representing 80% of our annual revenues. 

Kabinet Prive sources our goods and sells to collectors in 25 countries worldwide.  Our advantage is that we have a trusted global network of partners who we work with exclusively to secure the most difficult authentic luxury goods money can buy. 

KABINET is also currently working with selected luxury brands like Bvlgari High Jewelry, Azimut Yachts, Bennett Yachts,  to our high net worth clientele. In the coming months, these will include a selection of the most exclusive Swiss watch makers, and  a global private aviation service company.